We are looking forward to welcoming you back

Mint Laser Clinic has been working diligently on enhancing our safety protocols to protect the well-being of our patients, team members, and families.

Hydrafacials, Laser Hair Removal on the face, Hollywood Laser Peels, Skin Tightening on the face, Skin Resurfacing on the face, and Photofacials will not be available at this time. (Until further notice.)








Will wear masks to protect colleagues and patients.

Will ensure proper distancing between staff and patients.

Will wear a uniform that will be changed daily at the clinic.

Will wear masks/ shields

Change disposable gowns/aprons with each patient contact.

Clean treatment/exam rooms thoroughly between patients.

Stay home if displaying have symptoms of COVID-19 or a temperature over 37.3┬░.


We will be pre-screening for symptoms, exposure, and out of province travel for the previous two weeks.

We ask patients to stay home with symptoms of COVID-19, chronic lung disease, severe asthma, serious heart conditions, immunocompromised, brittle diabetics, kidney disease (dialysis) liver disease, or who are pregnant or nursing.

We are discouraging and not able to take any walk-in traffic.

We will not be allowing visitors or children to accompany the patient during this time.

We will advise patients to use the bathroom at home prior to arriving for their appointment if, possible. If not a restroom will still be available.

We ask all clients that have a scheduled appointment to wait outside or in their car until the designated appointment time, as we are trying to minimize our Waiting Room.

We ask patients to leave their coat and all belongings at home or in the car.

We will remind patients of the need to be on schedule and limit numbers in the clinic.


We will maintain proper distancing between staff and patients. We have taken into consideration the size of our clinics and the number of staff and patients that will be able to meet physical distancing.

We will stagger start times and breaks for staff in order to maintain distance in lunchrooms/offices.

We have set up a sanitization station where incoming patients can disinfect hands and have their temperature taken. We will not treat patients with temperatures of over 37.3┬░.

We have removed all reading material from the waiting room/area.

We will clean chairs and tabletops in the waiting room/area between patients.

We will schedule appointments with a buffer of 20 minutes between patients.

We will clean surfaces, counters, phones, keyboards, and door handles hourly.

We will provide hand sanitizer and laundry hamper, garbage disposal for exiting of treatment room.

We will clean treatment beds, counters, tables, chairs, mirrors, fridge door, cupboard handles, keyboards, and cameras between patients.

There will be a new Consent release to be signed prior to your procedure for aesthetic treatments during COVID-19.


Within the next few days, we will contact all our patients to schedule their missed appointments.

We are excited to re-open and service you with these strict regulations, ensuring the safety of everyone and know that under our masks and protective wear, we are the same welcoming and friendly team you’ve come to trust and love.

New Cancellation Policy

Amid the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19, we have temporarily modified our cancellation policy to offer greater flexibility to all our clients over the next couple of months. We hope this will alleviate any stress and hesitation you have about an upcoming appointment. If you need to reschedule for whatever reason, and especially if you are not feeling well, we understand and request you to please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. To further support you, there will be no penalties for cancellations.

Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily limiting the number of daily appointments. The health and safety of our clients and staff are very important to us. For this reason, walk-in appointments will not be accepted and clients who are not currently receiving a service will be asked to step out in order to control the number of people within the salon/spa/clinic. If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or sore throat, please reschedule your appointment for when you are no longer symptomatic. If you have been to a COVID-19 impacted area or have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19, we ask that you please reschedule your appointment for 14 days past the date of contact. Please note, we are requesting that clients wear face coverings when they arrive for their appointments if you are able to. If you have a health condition and have problems wearing a face mask then you will NOT be required to.

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